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Teresa L Teresa L

Teresa L

Tanna and Bailey’s Bodies has changed my life!

I was 20 KG overweight for 8 years after having my second child, & I had not exercised properly or eaten healthily for over 10 years.

Tanna’s training is amazing and inspiring. Her approach is personalized and empowering and you end up not ever wanting to miss a session!

Tanna has taught me that fitness and healthy eating are a commitment you make to yourself, for yourself, and it becomes a normal way of life. I will never stop!

Charmayne L Charmayne L

Charmayne L

All it took was one horrible photo. That was the wakeup call I needed

to transform my life. I hated what I saw and mostly the way I felt. Something had to change …. fast.

I wasn’t looking for a quick fix, I wanted someone to genuinely invest in my change. With the right support, nutritional

knowledge and daily encouragement, Bailey’s Bodies has played an enormous part in supporting

me sticking to a healthier, happier and fitter life. I will never go back!

Gabby Davies Gabby Davies

Gabby Davies

My journey started at 99.6kg when it hit me hard that I was about to be over 100kg

and I couldn’t let that happen. I joined Baileys Bodies and lost 33kg. I exercised 6 days per week (my choice) & was guided through fixing my nutrition.

I consider myself lucky to be a part of the community at Baileys Bodies and never feel like anything is too much to ask.

I am now in the best stage of my life. I have so much energy and I am 100 times more confidentin myself.

Since losing the weight, I’ve been to the snow, am not scared of appearing in photos and clothes shopping is finally something I enjoy. I’m finally living my life now.

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Erin Weegberg Erin Weegberg

Erin Weegberg

To my surprise I loved the exercise

and I love my food but really enjoyed finding a whole range of new recipes to try.

The centimetres I lost really surprised me. I didn’t actually notice the loss as I went but was amazed at myself when I saw the before and after pictures!

Thanks to Tanna and her crew I managed to smash my own expectations!

Michelle Stockham Michelle Stockham

Michelle Stockham

8 ½ years ago, I looked in the mirror and said OMG that’s just wrong

I was unfit, overweight, unhappy, lacked a lot confidence in myself and the way I looked as a mum of two young boys, no I was ashamed of myself for getting this way. So,I decide that I needed to make a lifestyle change to be a happier and healthier mum for my boys and family.

So, I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined Bailey’s Bodies. It was the best decision I have ever made I am a healthier and fitter person/mum, but also, I am mentality healthier and stronger person.

Tanna has helped me out in so many ways that words can’t explain, I have learned to love yourself again, it’s given me the confidence back and Tanna’s great knowledge of nutrition, which has helped me to lose weight, meet my goals and really incorporate it into my life.

When I rocked up to Bailey’s Bodies many years I through that I would never fit in because I was so unfit, overweight and I didn’t know anyone but how wrong was I.  I now go about 5-6 sessions a week. I have an awesome group people that I can call my mates/family; we all encourage and support each other as we are all here for the same reason to be healthier and fitter people.

Lose weight and keep it off forever!


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